I feel like I have a lot to say, and I am struggling to find a way to speak my mind, to express myself.

These ideas, these stories, they are floating, like a dream in my eyes, all the time, and I am longing for words to describe them, to define them, and so I write.

It’s like I have been hit by a catalyst, and now I want to react really fast, and pull out, put out all that I have to say, lay bare.

But these are not chemicals here, we are talking of emotions, suppressed, unchallenged and those never felt before,  hence the reaction here is slow, quite frustrating and irritating at times, you know.

And sometimes, only a few times, the emotions flare up so fast, I vent them out, they go and I don’t even know. And I am just yelling at someone/something.

It’s like you are high and still in control.  And all I really really want now is is for the volcano to erupt, curious to see what it will be like, thereafter.

I am in a state of catharsis, and I feel like no one understands , but it could be that I am not explaining well.

Or may be its nothing of the above.

May be all I want to do is scream, check my voice and leave everything else only to dream. Like a sweet dream, a lullaby to induce me to sleep and take me to a world, will it different from the reality of mine?

But I am enjoying this experiment on me, Haha! It excites me, I feel like I am a work well begun.


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